Regional Advisory Council on Civil & Human Rights

While continuing this mission, RACOCHR will coordinate, educate and promote the objective by planning, implementation, and promotion of any and all programs through civic, labor involvement, and community outreach. RACOCHR recognizes the need to ensure compliance of civil and human rights legislation, cumulatively; protection from discrimination, civil liberties, equal opportunity, equal access, equal protection and all rights afforded under the Constitution of the United States of America. 

It shall also be the mission of RACOCHR to uphold the principles and philosophy of the International Union, UAW, by preserving the history of labor struggles and its involvement during the civil rights era and firmly commit to the expanding vision thereof.


Regional Advisory Council on Civil and Human Rights 
And Community Service Members

President - Stephanie Thornton, Local 1781

Vice President - Al Harris, Local 22

Financial Secretary - Rico Hooper, Local 5960

Recording Secretary - Marcella Brundidge, Local 889

NACOCHR Representative - Gary Bronner, Local 412

James Harris, RACOCHR Liaison 
International Representative 
Region 1

The UAW has a long and continued tradition of supporting our local communities.  Our dedication to advocating for working families is second to none.  It is in this spirit that the UAW Region 1 Regional Advisory Council on Civil and Human Rights (RACOCHR) is again encouraging your participation in a collective effort to “Warm the Community” this winter sea