Every UAW member has a right to access educational tools that allow full participation in their union.

Union power flows from an educated, well-informed membership.  As members grow in their union education, they recommit themselves to the mission of the labor movement and invigorate their local unions.  Active engagement and solidarity in our membership translates into better contracts, stronger communities, and improved quality of life for working families.

Our union education program is designed to develop members’ understanding of our shared values of unionism in principle, while also learning the mechanics, structure, and function of the UAW.  Members who take advantage of educational opportunities tend to get involved in local union standing committees, step into leadership roles, and take action on important issues that matter to working people.  We work hard to develop members’ skills so that they can be effective in bargaining strong contracts and enforcing them at their worksites.  Importantly, educated members hold their union leadership accountable to them, and they push relentlessly for the continuous improvement of our great union.

We pride ourselves on providing a robust education program for our members in Region 1.  In 2019 alone, Region 1 members logged 2,078 class completions.  We strive to increase those numbers each year.  We also encourage and offer assistance to our local unions in developing their own Education Committees with trained member-facilitators who can deliver educational workshops at their locals.

Region 1 is proud to offer union education classes online! Click here for more information on how to register.
Why is union education important? What classes are offered by UAW Region 1? Who can attend Region 1 classes? How do I sign up? How can I attend educational conferences at Black Lake?


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all conferences and institutes scheduled to take place at Black Lake until August 2020 have been cancelled or postponed.  Several of these conferences will be rescheduled to later dates in the fall of 2020.

Local unions will receive call letters updating details for any rescheduled conferences for the summer and fall of 2020.

Please stay healthy and safe!

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and to protect our members' safety, Region 1 has cancelled it's 2020 Summer School program at Black Lake.

The Walter and May Reuther UAW Family Education Center is the realization of late UAW President Walter Reuther’s vision of a world-class worker's education and recreational center.

Also known as Black Lake, the Family Education Center opened in 1970.  This beautiful wooded retreat has been visited by thousands of UAW members and families for union-related education, training and recreational programs.

The Michigan Labor History Society (MLHS) is willing and able to take UAW members and their families on an exciting tour that captures the stories of labor history in our area. The society has six experienced guides who can lead bus or walking tours on your schedule. They are glad to do this as an educational program without charge.