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The UAW Financial Officers’ Conference will be held Sunday, March 24 through Friday, March 29, 2019, at the Buena Vista Palace Hotel in Orlando, Florida. This conference is for local union presidents, financial secretaries/treasurers, trustees and recording secretaries.

The 64th Annual UAW Region 1 Invitational Bowling Tournament, sponsored by UAW Region 1 and the UAW Department of Recreation and Leisure-Time Activities, will be held at Imperial Lanes

Last week was a bad week for autoworkers and the future of our domestic industry. On Nov.

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December is National Write to a Friend Month! This year, we wanted to give you the opportunity to write to our "friends" at GM, about their recent decision to close plants in Michigan, Ohio and Baltimore this holiday season. Submit your message using the form and we'll print and personally hand deliver your message to GM headquarters!

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The   UAW  Education Department will hold its Education  Committee Conference during April 28 - May 3, 2019, at the Walter and May Reuther UAW Family Education Center in Onaway, Michigan.

The   UAW  Education Department will hold its Collective  Bargaining Conference from March 31, 2019 – April 5, 2019, at the Walter and May Reuther UAW Family Education Center in Onaway, Michigan.

Michigan Regional Directors are collaborating on a joint New Member Conference at Black Lake.

The focus of this conference will be to inform our newly hired members on various aspects of the UAW. Class sessions will include UAW 101 - Understanding the structure and purpose of the UAW, standing committee training and understanding how union meetings operate.

There’s a direct relationship between the ballot box and the bread box, and what the union fights for and wins at the bargaining table can be taken away in the legislative halls.

–Walter Reuther, UAW Constitutional Convention 1970