Elected 412 Officers Sworn In

Region 1 Director James Harris begins the swear in process congratulating all the newly elected officers and spoke about their roles and responsibilities to our membership, along with holding their positions with integrity.

Local 412 Officers sworn in.

(L-R) Trustee Omar Stephens, Trustee Cameron Lange, Guide Valerie Hunt, Financial Secretary Treasurer Lisa Emerson, 3rd Vice President Aaron Shreve, 2nd Vice President Steve Porter, Recording Secretary Dennis Chalou, Region 1 Director James Harris, 1st Vice President Todd Macker, President Mike Hayes and Trustee Rochelle Parker.  (Not Pictured: Sergeant-At-Arms Jason Fontella)

Local 412 Retiree Officers Sworn in.

(L-R) Trustee Bill Davis, Recording Secretary Sherri Burton, Trustee Kathi Wallace, Treasurer Victor Murray, Region 1 Director James Harris, President Brian Price, Vice President Frankie Anderson and Guide Don Borza.  (Not Pictured: Sergeant-At-Arms Gordy Segal and Trustee Jim Perkins)