Education Committee


Purpose of the Education Committee
The Education Committee is responsible for building the power of the movement through educating and training members of their local union.  Members of this committee identify the training needs of their local union membership and, with their leadership’s approval, provide classes, materials, and information based on those needs. If you are committed to providing education that informs, develops skills and motivates our leadership and members, this is the committee for you!

Once someone has completed Effective Educator training, they have access to a variety of “on the shelf” curriculum, provided by the International Education Department, that can be delivered to members by the Education Committee.

There are also several programs that require an Education Rep to partner with the local union Education Committee in order to deliver to the membership. Please review this Workshop Menu. Once you determine the training needs of your membership, work with your local union leadership to arrange time to present at membership meetings or host workshops with your local union membership. If you require assistance from the International Education Department, please have your Local Union President request support through your Servicing Rep.

In addition to the curricula that the Education Department provides, there are publications available to you. Many of these publications serve as handouts for the workshops you will offer.

The UAW Education Department holds an annual conference at the UAW’s Walter and May Reuther Family Education Center in northern Michigan for those who are serving on their local union’s Education Committee, and for those who are looking to build their committee. Delegates to this annual conference are trained in how to run their committees effectively and advance their facilitation skills to prepare them for presenting workshops at their locals.

Group of Local 412 members who attended the Grievance Handling classes held at the Local.