Union Label Committee

     Ron Taras, Chairperson       Phone: 248-512-4090

Purpose of the Committee

The Union Label Committee informs and educates members about the products and services we buy and use as consumers. This committee helps to emphasize the importance of supporting goods and services produced by union members under union-won working conditions. And, keeps members informed of union products and their availability in the community. This committee also updates members on product manufacturing that has been moved out of the United States and product boycotts endorsed by the AFL-CIO.

This committee can promote union label by:

  • Work with the Education Committee to conduct the Ethical Consumer workshop at your local union. Your local union leadership can request the curriculum kit through your Servicing Rep.
  • Presenting Union Label information at membership meetings
  • Developing and distributing buying guides – this can be an overall guide or specific, like: candy for Valentine’s, Easter, Halloween, back-to-school or Christmas shopping, there are certain times of the year when people pay attention to shopping
  • Provide Union Label content and announcements for the Local Union newsletter, website or social media
  • Asking people to take the Union Label Pledge
  • Designing a traveling display to be used at civic and school functions
  • Joining school boards or PTA’s to promote Buying American/Buying Union
  • Attending Community or Town Hall meetings to promote spending tax dollars on Union made school buses, fire equipment and police equipment
  • Asking management to buy or lease union-made equipment and office supplies and hire union companies and contractors to service the worksite
  • Reminding leaders to use union vendors for catering picnics or parties
  • Reminding members to book travel on union airlines and in union hotels


 Union Label Needs You!

Union Label Committee will be show casing union made products and services monthly on the 412 website.  For this be successful we need you to be on our committee and Local 412 members to share information on union products and union services.  By purchasing union made products and union services you’re supporting good jobs in your communities that provide living wages and benefits, safe working conditions, dignity and respect at work and most importantly we are helping to protect the middle class.  Together we can strengthen our national economy and build a stronger America.  Let’s make the right choice; the union choice!  If you have any comments or suggestions contact us @ [email protected]


Here are a couple links to get your union buying experience started: