About Us

Local 412 was chartered on June 1, 1943, but began when the Society of Designing Engineers was organized in 1932 to represent the employees of engineering and jobbing shops in the Highland Park, Michigan area.  The original Units in Local 412 included; Chrysler Highland Park Engineering, Chrysler Jefferson Plant, Chrysler Dodge Main Plant, Chrysler DeSoto Plant and the GM Fisher Body Die Designers. 

By the mid-1960's, largely a "white collar" union, it was composed of employees of the Chrysler Corporation's Engineering Staff of Highland Park, Engineering Staff Highland Park hourly, Highland Park Technicians and Defense Engineering Division.  Additionally, it represented between 400-500 other members. 

The 20th UAW Constitutional Convention, held in May 1966 changed the UAW Constitution to provide for the establishment of Retiree’s Chapters in local unions.  Local 412 had already established a Retiree’s Council which had been meeting monthly since January 1966 and on November 10, 1966 the UAW International Executive Board granted a charter to the Local 412 Retired Worker Chapter.  It was one of the first chapters in the Detroit area to receive a charter.

Today Local 412 is still one of the largest amalgamated locals with over 6500 active & retired members that is made up of salary, hourly, skilled trades and public sector employees.  These workers range from engineering and design in the automotive and defense industries, attorneys in the public sector, skilled tradespersons, city workers, county supervisors and healthcare workers around Southeastern Michigan.