UAW Statement on the Delivering for America Act

“For more than 240 years, Americans have been able to go to their mailbox without worry. The postal service is one of the oldest and most respected of American public services.

UAW members and retirees rely on the mail for medicine and medical supplies, bills, commerce, communications, and absentee voting. It is critical to our everyday life needs. According to the American Postal Workers Union, last year the USPS handled approximately 1.2 billion prescription drug shipments, which is nearly 4 million per day, six days a week.

This issue is not and should not be political.  It’s never been political. We commend the House of Representatives for passIng the Delivering for America Act  to reverse detrimental policy changes that are restricting postal workers’ ability to deliver mail and packages on time and are jeopardizing American commerce, health and basic daily needs. We urge the Senate to go back into session and pass the Deliver for America Act."