James Harris

James Harris was elected Director of UAW Region 1 at the Special Convention by delegates of the 37th Constitutional Convention on August 26, 2021.  Prior to that, Harris served as Assist Director of Region 1, since 2018 and was an International Representative for Region 1 since July 8, 2012.

In December of 1994, Harris became a member of Local 1700, Chrysler Sterling Heights Assembly Plant (SHAP).  In 1999, he was elected chief steward for two terms before running for committeeman and winning in 2004.  Harris became shop chairman in 2007, where he served until he was appointed to staff.

Harris played an integral part with Local 1700 leadership and the International Union fighting to keep Chrysler Sterling Heights Assembly Plant (SHAP) open in 2009 after bankruptcy.  He was elected delegate to the UAW’s 35th Constitutional Convention in 2010. Other roles and responsibilities include his involvement with Local Response Team (LRT) Workplace Violence, Local Equal Application Committee, and the Local Ergonomics Team. In addition, Harris supervised the day-to-day operations of the Sterling Heights Assembly Plant, which included building the new body and paint shop.

Harris resides with his wife, Sandy, in Oxford, Michigan. James and Sandy are the proud parents of three grown children, Timothy, Janelle and Brian.

In his spare time, Harris enjoys physical fitness and exercise.