2017 Region 1 Director's Scholarship Winners

We are pleased to announce this year’s recipients of the UAW Region 1 Director’s Scholarship Awards.  A selection committee screened the applications and selected 35 candidates for this year’s awards.  Each winner was awarded $500.00.

All winners will be notified in writing.  They will also receive paperwork to complete before the awards are sent to their college or university.

Congratulations to all of the winners listed below. It was a very hard decision since all of the candidates were well qualified.  To the non-winners, thank you for applying; and, please feel free to apply again next year.

The following people were selected by the Region 1 Selection Committee:

Chloé Alverson, daughter of Christopher Alverson, Local 400

Samantha Bolter, daughter of Michael Bolter, Local 212

Charles Bonser, son of Jeffrey Bonser, Local 412

Hannah Bouji, daughter of Bridgette Bouji, Local 961

Andrew Caporuscio, son of Suzanne Caporuscio, Local 889

Ashley Casey, daughter of Nick Casey, Local 7

Ashlynn Caviness, daughter of Erik Caviness, Local 7

Jessica Clouse, daughter of Kenneth Clouse, Local 1700

Michael Creagh, son of Scott Creagh, Local 1248

Emily Davies, daughter of Kurtis Davies, Local 412

Taylor Dorsey, daughter of Danny Dorsey, Local 961

Kelsi Fulton, daughter of Kevin Fulton, Local 961

Margaret Hauser, daughter of Jeffrey Hauser, Local 412

Makenzie Holzman, daughter of James Holzman, Local 51

Nathanael Karamon, grandson of Rodney Karamon, Local 2280

Christopher Keller, son of Michael Keller, Local 653

Megan Lagrois, daughter of Michael Lagrois, Local 412

Auguste Lessins, son of Matthew Lessins, Local 1979

Michael Mack, son of Lee Davis, Local 1264

Jonathan McNamara, son of Robert McNamara, Local 412

Chelsea Mearnic, daughter of Glen Mearnic, Local 412

Hannah Orebaugh, daughter of Eugene Orebaugh, Local 412

Marissa Perez, daughter of Patrick Perez, Local 160

Garrett Priester, son of Brenda Priester, Local 212

Breanna Prieur, daughter of Randall Prieur, Local 1700

Unique Reed, daughter of Kelvin Reed, Local 869

Alexa Roberts, daughter of Doug Roberts, Local 412

Amanda Sanchez,  of Samuel Sanchez, Local 889

Erican Santiago, son of Micheal Shelton, Local 5960

Julia Siegle, daughter of Ronald Siegle, Local 400

Lauren Spears, daughter of Paul Torrente, Local 228

Zachary St Pierre, son of Rock St Pierre, Local 771

Tabir Wahhab, son of Shaakia Wahhab, Local 869

Sarah Willard, daughter of Kari Willard, Local 412

Harmonie Willis, daughter of Curtis Willis, Local 140