UAW/FCA Unemployment, SUB Pay and Medical Benefit information for membership impacted by layoff

Please note:  This is a living document be sure to check for updates in the attachment section below!!!!!  This is the best and most up-to-date source of information regarding your State and their unemployment processing, account set-up and requirements is the State government website, provided below. 


 FCA will be processing layoffs due to the Suspension of Operations (Coronavirus) and following layoff protocol.  Below is a brief overview for your reference.


            1.       FCA will send a file to the State containing information on all laid off employees

a.       this will open an unemployment claim for these employees 

b.      Supplemental Employees are not included on this file and must open their own claim with the State.

2.       You will need to set up your Unemployment account with the State (follow the instructions found on the MILogin document). 

3.       The State will process your claim and determine your benefit.

4.        You will need to certify your unemployment with the State. (Check the account you set up in Step 2 for instructions)

5.       The State will process the unemployment benefit.

6.       The State will send a file of the payments they made to FCA.

7.       FCA will process your SUB payment the following week. 

       (State Work Search requirements have been temporarily suspended).  


 Numbers you may need to file for Michigan unemployment: 

 FEIN = 270187394            UI Account Number for Michigan = 1592130000


 If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact us.

 In Solidarity,


Karen McAdam 

UAW-Benefit Representative 

Local 412 - Chrysler Tech Center 

Phone: 248-576-4346                                                                

Fax:     248-576-0220 

e-mail [email protected]

Bree Valdez-Kenny

UAW-Benefit Representative

Local 412 - Chrysler Tech Center

Phone: 248-576-0216

Fax: 248-576-0220

e-mail: [email protected]


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