About Us

UAW Local 375 in an amalgamated union based out of Marysville Michigan. The members of UAW Local 375 work for the following companies: 

  • Fiat Chrysler Automotive (FCA)
  • Mapal Inc.
  • Black River Manufacturing (BRM)
  • Caravan Facilities Management (CFM) 

Organized in 1937 in the Marysville MOPAR plant, UAW local 375 has a history 80 years old. The marysville plant was originally owned by Mr. Childe Wills. The Wills Saint Claire car was manufactured there until the company went under in 1927. Chrysler bought the facility and made it the first MOPAR parts plant. The Black River Manufacturing and Mapal Inc. plants were organized in the eighties and Nineties and are based in the city of Port Huron ten minutes away. Caravan workers were added into the local during the early 2000's.


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