UAW Big 3 Contracts Now Available on UAW App

When UAW President Dennis Williams took over as president at the 2014 convention, he made it clear that Big 3 Contracts now on the UAW Appone of the things he wanted his administration to focus on was communicating with rank-and-file UAW members and meeting members where they were at.

Today, where many members are at is on social media and smartphones. That’s why, last year, the UAW began development of a UAW mobile app. We took almost a year to test, develop and adjust the app from version 1.0 to what we have today – an app that we believe will meet the needs of our UAW members.

Today, the UAW App is available for download for Android and iPhone. And there’s an exciting new reason to download the app if you are a UAW member working for Ford, GM or FCA.

For the first time ever, the full 2015 UAW contracts with Ford, GM and FCA are available to you right on your phone through the UAW app. Scroll to the bottom of the menu on the app, select “Auto Bargaining Resources,” then select your company. You’ll be directed to a page with the contract summary booklet you received during 2015 negotiations and the full language of the ratified contract below.

Download the UAW app today and get connected – follow the links below or text “APP” to 99795* to get a link to download the UAW App sent right to your smartphone!

We’ll continue to add new features and adjust as we see how our UAW members are using the app and get feedback on the kinds of things that members want to see on the app moving forward.

Make sure you download the UAW App at the following links today or text “APP” to 99795* to get a link to download the UAW App delivered to your phone.

Download the UAW App on the Google Play StoreDownload - Apple App Store