UAW IEB Elects UAW Region 1 Director Frank Stuglin as Secretary-Treasurer

Detroit -- With the vacancy created by the election of Secretary-Treasurer Ray Curry to the office of president upon the retirement of Rory L. Gamble, the UAW International Executive Board has unanimously elected UAW Region 1 Director Frank Stuglin, 61, to serve as Secretary-Treasurer. His term officially begins on July 1, 2021 and ends in June 2022 at the 38th Constitutional Convention.

A long-time advocate for workers’ rights, utilizing the power of collective bargaining and a team approach to creating a common voice through voting, activism, organizing and community service, Stuglin was appointed Region 1 Assistant Director in 2010. He was elected Director of UAW Region 1 in June 2018.

“Together in Region 1, we have taken a bottom-up approach to leadership, getting members directly involved not only in contracts, but in organizing, activism and community service,” said Stuglin. “The voice and energy of members is what makes this union stronger and leads to better contracts, the strength of our Solidarity and our outreach and community service. I hope to bring that same member driven approach to my new assignment.”

Stuglin, a welder repairman by trade, has been active in the UAW since 1979, rising to become President of UAW local 155 and Chair of the Independent Parts and Suppliers Council. His work began with Hydraulic Accessories Company and later at Aetna Industries.

Stuglin and his wife, Linda, reside in Royal Oak, Michigan. They are the proud parents of Theresa, Susan and Frank and have four grandchildren.