Heroes on the Front Lines: Michelle Crumbie

UAW Local 862 member and registered nurse Michelle Crumbie has worked in a hospital as an X-ray technician, and as a nurse in the hospital, the local health department and as a veteran’s benefits representative.

None of those prepared her for COVID-19. As a nurse in an auto plant, it is a different world than she is used to.

Now, when she is at work at the Ford Louisville Assembly Plant in Louisville, Kentucky, she wears a mask and sometimes a welder’s shield over her eyeglasses if she is dealing with an ill worker. If needed, she has a medical gown at her disposal.

“We are dealing with something that can lead to death very quickly and that is scary. Because of the uncertainty of this virus, a lot of time is spent talking to workers and giving directions and reassurance of the protections that are in place because they are scared,” she says.

“They are concerned that it is too soon to be back to work and some are concerned because they have underlying health issues that might put them or their families at greater risk,” Crumbie says.

“As a medical professional, I have worked and seen a lot,” she says, “But this is the job I choose and I will continue to perform my job as long as possible.”