Front Line Heroes | Ronald Clayton, Astin Gray and Tianyuan “Kimmy” Huang-Walsh

“I would like to recognize and commend everyone who plays an integral part as essential workers across the UAW, with a special emphasis on my brothers and sisters who perform cleanup duties. We have always known our value and worth with the jobs we perform, from the roof tops and tanks to the tunnels below, to keep our plants running smoothly.

“I would like to thank three people at Louisville Assembly Plant who stayed the course voluntarily, from the moment the plant went down to present. They could have taken layoff or said they didn't feel safe and Leadec could have procured temps on a one-for-one basis. They volunteered to stay, cleaning areas of the main plant, taking calls, and sanitizing behind our brothers and sisters in the plant, putting them above their own well-being. We salute Ronald Clayton, Astin Gray and Kimmy Huang-Walsh.

Every person has a part to play, regardless of company or department. They definitely should have received hazard pay! To be thrust into a new role of sanitizing touch points, entryways, etc., and being the frontline defense for an unforeseen, unknown pandemic was definitely something we never expected to happen.” - Nicolaus Dean, chair at Leadec Industrial Services unit of Local 862 at Louisville Assembly Plant.

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