2024 New Member Issue of Solidarity Magazine Is Now Online!

If you’re a new member of the UAW, the New Member issue of Solidarity magazine will help give you a better understanding of how our organization functions on a day-to-day basis. It’s a valuable resource for any member interested in increasing their knowledge of our union.

You can download it here, and share it with fellow UAW members.

In this issue:

  • Welcome to the UAW: President Shawn Fain welcomes new members to our union and explains why having a collective voice with coworkers at the workplace is just as important today than ever before.
  • Our Members are the Highest Authority: Find out how the UAW is structured and how our members are the ultimate authority in shaping the policies and direction of our union.
  • Membership Dues: Learn how your monthly membership dues are allocated in order to keep the UAW strong and ready to take on corporate greed.
  • The UAW and Politics: Learn the many ways our union fights for worker and civil rights, in our communities and in the legislative halls.
  • Your Rights are Protected: The Public Review Board and Ethics Hotline are just two of the ways your rights as a UAW member are safeguarded.
  • UAW Bargaining Highlights: Through the years, the UAW has led the way in securing historic economic gains for the working class.
  • And more!