Update on Reforms

Brothers and Sisters,

When I accepted the office of the presidency, I pledged to keep you updated on all of our reforms and progress on restoring our member’s trust in leadership. As you know, we have instituted a comprehensive reforms agenda and top-to-bottom review of our operations and financial house.

One of the many reforms we promised to our membership was to work very hard to return any dues dollars that were inappropriately spent. I am very pleased to report today that upon discovering, through our independent review process, that former president Dennis Williams had received travel expenses that were not appropriate, those funds have been returned to the membership. Williams has reimbursed the UAW for $55,000 in travel expenses. These monies will go back to the membership, where they belong.

Additionally, we are finalizing the sale of Cabin 4, which has been the topic of much discussion and concern. Monies from the sale will come back to the UAW, as promised. When that is finalized, I will report back to you.

As I said from day 1, we are committed to recovering any and all dues funds that have been misappropriately spent. I hope this sends a strong message to all UAW leadership that you are stewards of sacred dues dollars and we will do whatever is necessary to protect that oath of office.

Tomorrow, I will meet with the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan regarding what I hope to be constructive discussion toward the closure of a dark chapter in UAW history. I go into this meeting confident that we will bring this chapter to a close soon and continue to restore your faith in our leadership and our role as the defenders of the working men and women across this great nation of ours. I look forward to our next chapter.

You will receive an update from me tomorrow on these talks.

In solidarity,

Rory L. Gamble