2019 Region 1 Director's Scholarship Winners

We are pleased to announce this year’s recipients of the UAW Region 1 Director’s Scholarship Awards.  A selection committee screened the applications and selected 40 candidates for this year’s awards.  Each winner was awarded $500.00.

All winners will be notified in writing.  They will also receive paperwork to complete before the awards are sent to their college or university.

Congratulations to all of the winners listed below. It was a very hard decision since all of the candidates were well qualified.  To the non-winners, thank you for applying; and, please feel free to apply again next year.

The following people were selected by the Region 1 Selection Committee:

 Macy Allen, Daughter of Brian Allen, Local 412

Tyler Amato, Grandson of Miklos Kulha, Local 160

Brooke Arntz, Daughter of David Arntz, Local 812

Julia Barraco, Daughter of Joseph Barraco, Local 228

Claudia Belleperche, Daughter of Dennis Pelleperche, Local 1700

Kristina Bette, Daughter of Dale Bette, Local 2280

Noah Brejnak, Son of Jeffery Young, Local 2280

Jenna Brown, Daughter of Bruce Brown, Local 7

Kayla Brown, Daughter of Jesse Menzies, Local 1264

Kimber Carter, Daughter of Tina McCleskey, Local 212

Elizabeth Cetnar, Daughter of Paul Cetnar, Local 1264

Spencer Christensen, Son of Douglas Christensen, Local 9699

Alea Confer, Daughter of Theodore Confer, Local 1700

Johnnae Curry, Daughter of Ericka Curry, Local 22

Alexa Damman, Daughter of Lee Damman, Local 212

Breanna Dulworth, Daughter of Michael Dulworth, Local 771

Samantha Dunning, Daughter of John Dunning, Local 412

Amber Emerick, Daughter of Diane Gusmano, Local 412

Cheyanne Farley, Granddaughter of Clay Farley, Local 155

Sabrina Fergerson, Daughter of Tyrone Fergerson, Local 140

Morgan Fiedler, Daughter of Mark Fiedler, Local 869

Brandon Golpe, Grandson of Maynard Robinette, Local 909

Faith Gomillion, Daughter of Kim Gomillion, Local 653

Anna Greyerbiehl, Daughter of Shaun Greyerbiehl, Local 812

Dominic Jakubowski, Son of James Jakubowski, Local 1264

Fatou Ndiaye, Daughter of Amadou Ndiaye, Local 155

Rachel Patterson, Daughter of Jon Patterson, Local 400

Bianca Reese-Carvalho, Daughter of Michael Reese, Local 1264

Hannah Rehman, Daughter of Millie Rehman, Local 1781

Giuliano Romano, Son of Enrico Romano, Local 1700

Taylor Tate, Daughter of Tielece Perry, Local 7

Alicia Tavernier, Daughter of Nicole Makowski, Local 2500

Ethan Trethewey, Son of Jeanie Cypret-Trethewey, Local 5960

Cortney Varosi, Daughter of Kimberly Varosi, Local 9699

Jenna Volinski, Daughter of Jeffrey Volinski, Local 212

Claudia Warda, Daughter of Jaroslaw Warda, Local 412

Lavelle Washington, Son of Levalle Washington, Local 1700

Jillian Winarski, Daughter of Randall Winarski, Local 228

Brett Zobl, Son of Eric Zobl, Local 212

Rebekah Zoldock, Daughter of Van Zoldock, Local 909