UAW Region 1 Winter Education Program

UAW Region 1 is offering five weeks of FREE educational workshops beginning Tuesday,
February 5, 2019
.  Participants will have a choice between morning (10 a.m.-12 p.m.) or evening (5-7 p.m.) workshops.  Each workshop is for five consecutive weeks.  Participants must attend three out of the four classroom training sessions to receive a Certificate of Completion.  The certificates will be handed out on the 5th week

 All classes will be limited to 45 people per class and will be reserved on a first come, first served basis.

 Workshops being offered this season are: 

 TUESDAY CLASSES – Morning or Evening: (February 5, 12, 19, 26, and March 5* )

Grievance Handling:  This course teaches the skills needed to represent workers with grievances.  Topics include:  what is and is not a grievance, proper grievance investigation techniques and written grievance presentation skills. 

Prerequisites:  None

Workshop Series: “Our Union, the Global Economy, and the Law”: This workshop series will build members’ understanding of how the current global economy, consumerism, and legislation affect us as union members.  Major topics this series will tackle are:


Ethical consumerism for union members and, specifically, how to buy union-made products in the USA

Relevant laws for union members, including FMLA, Worker’s Compensation, unemployment, and more. 

       Prerequisites: None

 THURSDAY CLASSES – Morning or Evening: (February 7, 14, 21, 28, and March 5*)

Advanced Grievance Handling: This course will take a deeper dive into the grievance process. Topics include proper grievance investigation techniques, how to negotiate a grievance with leadership and preparing for arbitration/mediation.

Prerequisite: Grievance Handling

Collective Bargaining: This course will instruct members on how to negotiate a contract. The focus of this class includes proper bargaining table etiquette, preparing proposals, what information to request before bargaining and many more negotiating skills.

Prerequisites: None

All workshops will be held at Region 1.  Click here for the registration form.  THE PRESIDENT OR FINANCIAL SECRETARY MUST VERIFY THAT THE PARTICIPANT IS A MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING.  *The graduation ceremony will be on Tuesday, March 5th for ALL sessions.  All forms must be returned to UAW Region 1 no later than February 1, 2019.  Registration forms may be faxed to 586-427-7142 or sent by mail.  After the forms are submitted, the students should report to class at their selected times.  No confirmation letter will be sent

Download registration form here