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Frank Stuglin was elected director of UAW Region 1 at the 37th Constitutional Convention in June 2018.

James Harris was appointed Assistant Director of UAW Region 1 by President Gary Jones at the 37th Constitutional Convention on June 14, 2018.  Prior to that, Brother Harris served as an Internation

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In addition to being affiliated with the AFL-CIO and Canadian Labour Congress, the UAW is affiliated with IndustriALL Global Union, representing over 50 million energy, mining and manufacturing workers around the world.  It is also affiliated with the International Trade Union Confederation, consisting of over 176 million workers from 162 countries and territories.

Black Lake Golf Club is located on the Black Lake Conference Center campus.  UAW members receive a 15 percent discount and UAW retirees receive a 25 percent discount off public weekly and weekend rates.

Since opening in 2000, the beautiful Rees Jones-designed course has placed highly in Golf Digest’s “100 Greatest Public Courses in America.”  The old-style, classic course blends with the natural terrain.  Dining, accommodations, and membership packages are also available.

Black Lake includes a campground available to UAW members, retirees and their families.  Rates are $28 per day ($5 per day more for pets).  Reservations can be made by calling Black Lake at (989) 733-8521 or through the member’s local union.  Proof of UAW membership is required.

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NAFTA—to put it bluntly—was terrible for working families in the United States, as well as our allies to the north and south, Canada and Mexico. The terrible deal triggered job losses, closed auto factories, depressed wages and more power for corporations across all three countries.

Fill out the comment form to tell the U.S. Trade Representative why working families must be prioritized in future trade deals. We provided talking points below for you to use in crafting your own statement

There’s a direct relationship between the ballot box and the bread box, and what the union fights for and wins at the bargaining table can be taken away in the legislative halls.

–Walter Reuther, UAW Constitutional Convention 1970 

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